Breezy Season is an evolving streetwear brand that's all about highlighting the importance of putting your creative abilities, skills, and confidence to use. Everyone has the ability to evolve and grow into something great!

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EST. 2020

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When you hear villain era you might think it’s a time when you’re a bad, unkind person, but my interpretation of it is putting yourself first even if people don’t agree with it, just living unapologetically to develop the best person within yourself


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Mikayla Byers

I created this brand to push everyone to use their talents to their best ability. Never take your skills for granted. As for me, I feel like it is my season to share my creative abilities to the world.

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2022 F/W Collection

Ski Masks


Breezy Dept.

This collection is heavily influenced by Josué Thomas, the founder of Gallery Dept. His pieces are a huge asset to the current state of fashion and I am very fond of the creative expressions that he's constantly releasing.

Futuristic Sunglasses

These futuristic sunglasses are the key accessory to your breezy season outfit. Grab yours today and they will ship the next business day!


Basketball Jerseys

Our stylish basketball jerseys are perfect for summer streetwear outfits and could also be worn over a hoodie for the colder months.

Basketball Collection